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introduction the project

This UX/UI Design project is a realization for the company Grace & Mila, the objective was simple, to propose a redesign of the product page as well as the user path until the proof of purchase of a product

It is for me one of the biggest project on which I could work because the objective was big, to conceive a customer path from A to Z while determining the possible improvements and the changes to be made on the old version of the site.

So I made a heuristic analysis that allowed me to find all the anomalies/improvements concerning the frustrations that a user could encounter on the site. I also built a User Journey to define the new customer path from the homepage visit to the final purchase for a new or old customer of the site.

After having completed all these steps I focused on the design while taking into account my observations found in the User Journey and in the heuristic analysis. So I realized a mobile version and a desktop version that you will find below.

These two versions include the implementation of an efficient and simple way for users to identify the sizes corresponding to their morphology by a new system in several steps where the user enters his different measurements to finally get the perfect size.

I let you see the mockups below for more details :)

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  • Concept
  • Company
    Grace & Mila
  • Year
    Febuary 2022
mockups grace and mila
mockups grace and mila
mockups Balthazar project
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