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Alexandre Deshoux Alexandre Deshoux

mockups Movie Theather app
Ui Design

Movie theater

introduction the project

For movie lovers like me <3.

Description of the project below.

  • Concept
    Movie theater App
  • Daily Challenge
  • Year
    April 2022
mockups Movie Theather app
Ui Design
mockups Movie Theather app
Movie theater app


First of all, what is a Daily challenge? Our weekly Daily challenge consisted in making 5 application or website designs in 1 week, 1 project per day.

It was a really inspiring and motivating project for me because of the time constraint or simply because I'm passionate about the realization of small projects like this, I really enjoy creating models of tools that we all use every day!

For this challenge: the goal was to design and prototype a movie application, this application had to be composed of at least the homepage until the reservation and the display of the ticket on the movie application! I was inspired by Plex, Netlix, Ugc or Pathé for its logo.

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