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Alexandre Deshoux Alexandre Deshoux

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Wine Seller


introduction the project

Think of the sound of the cork coming out of a bottle of wine.
How recognizable, deep and perfect it is. These are the qualities I reflected in the concept of a French wine shop .

  • Concept
    Wine Seller
  • Industry
  • Year
    November 2021
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Balthazar Wine Seller

Balthazar is a website specializing in the sale of wine and alcohol from wineries. The Balthazar website offers for sale beer, spirits, red wine, rosé, or champagne. The colors of the site are modeled on the warm and noble color of wine.


The evolution of the site, must highlight the visuals of the wine bottles, but also a content adapted to allow a better ACCESSIBILITY for the greatest number of users while allowing the user to buy as simply as possible.

Nowadays, user experience is a crucial issue to stand out and generate a lot of profits. That's why the UX is the first thing to think about when designing a product around the customers who consult this product

From my point of view, when we think about wine, the first color that comes to mind is burgundy, this color perfectly conveys the vision of the brand and all the history of wine over time.

So I chose to focus more on highlighting this color as the main organ of the site during the design phase of the site, thinking in parallel to the path of users from the home page which is the main destination page to the purchase tunnel.

artboard img project balthazar
artboard img project balthazar
artboard img project balthazar
artboard img project balthazar
artboard img project balthazar
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