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Today I'm presenting you my dashboard that I made during a school project for the startup Quavy.

Quavy is a young innovative startup with an ambitious concept. Today, in order to develop a community, the streamer has to spend a lot of time on social media to acquire traffic for his Twitch channel.

Quavy's objective is to accompany streamers in the preparation and development of their passion while saving them a maximum amount of time. Quavy allows the user to create automatic bests of directly from the clips retrieved from twitch via the API.

It reduces the tedious steps of retrieving clips from twitch, editing and publishing.

It is for Quavy that I proposed a dashboard for the user. This dashboard includes many essential functions for the streamer who wants to keep an eye on his work and his progress, that's why in the dashboard I propose the following features:

Shortcuts to access the best of creation tunnel for the different social networks (Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram) while combining detailed statistics of the twitch channel and the latest bests of recently published on social networks to follow the progress of the clips.

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    Quavy Dashboard
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    December 2021
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