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Alexandre Deshoux Alexandre Deshoux

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Mobile Design UX
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Mobile Design

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Also I would like to share the result for more inspiration, better quality, even experience in my works.
This is a concept of weather application with an illustration that are displayed for specific cities when you add them to your list of favorites.


There is a multitude of weather application today. I decided through this first mobile project to try the experience during this Daily challenge.

The goal was simple, make a weather application in 2 days, the application must be clear, sober and ergonomic. So I had to work hard to create a user path and a simple ergonomics for everyone using the application.

As for the design, nowadays a clear and uncluttered design is the key for an optimal readability of the information by the user, that's why I chose blue as the main color with yellow as the action color in order to attract the eye on the essential information.

Making this first mobile model was a real challenge for me in both research and design of the application.

  • Concept
    Weather App
  • Device
  • Year
    December 2021

Balthazar Wine Seller

Balthazar is a website specializing in the sale of wine and alcohol from wineries. The Balthazar website offers for sale beer, spirits, red wine, rosé, or champagne. The colors of the site are modeled on the warm and noble color of wine.

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Web Design
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